Friday, July 1, 2011

remember when

Remember when Toon town came to West Valley Utah?  They had this set up in the mall and Dad brought us.  I don't remember much in terms of details, just that we were all very excited and dad bought me an Aladdin Lamp.  Did dad get anyone anything else?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thoroughly Modern Millie

by Dvorah

so. I went WAY out of my comfort zone yesterday. The Second Counselor in our Stake is John Miele. He literally used to perform on Broadway (once with Bernadette Peters). He asked Joe and myself to audition for a musical he is directing up here in Maine. Four times, he asked if I would audition for Millie, the lead role.

Now you girls know me well enough that you know I'm more of a back-stage kinda girl. Not an on-stage kind of girl. Still, I went last night and stood on stage in front of him, as well as the three producers and the music director, and sang, danced, and read lines from the show.

I am totally torn between thinking that I want the thrill of experiencing the part, and hoping they realized how incredibly lame I was and ask me to just help with the 1920's costumes...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

recent photos

The top photo is from when we went on a date. it was usper funny cause we both wore green shirts and dark blue pants. but we matched on accident :)


I started a blog for us where we can post updates of whats new in our lives and put pictures! Hope you all like it!!!!